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Spring 2015

ME 495: Central Pattern Generation and the Rhythmic Control of Movement

This graduate-level course will be offered for the first time in Spring, 2015.

BME 270, ME 241: Introductory Fluid Mechanics

Previous Years


Winter 2010 -- CEE 216: Mechanics of Materials

2005 - 2014 -- BME 270, ME 241: Introductory Fluid Mechanics


BME 462: Neural Engineering: Sensory Acquisition Through Movement

This graduate-level course focuses on systems neuroscience and sensory biomechanics. The course is likely to next be offered in 2016.

2012-2015 -- NUIN 401-2: Fundamentals of Neuroscience

This is a team-taught course for first-year graduate students in the NUIN program.
Mitra Hartmann provides a lecture on the somatosensory system.